alumni in family law

Alumni specializing in family law or children and the law work for a diverse array of organizations. Historically, the place in which University of Illinois College of Law students have concentrated is Illinois, particularly Chicago. However, increasingly, our alums can be found across the nation. The maps show the location of our alumni nationwide with their practice locations listed in the links below (click on the region title for a dropdown menu).

“Across Illinois…"

Illinois District Map

1st District (Cook County) Chicago ▼

David Arthur Brauer, McGrane, Perozzi, Stelter, Gerardi, Brauer & Ross, Ltd Chicago Heights, Illinois

Joseph Richard Perozzi, McGrane, Perozzi, Stelter, Gerardi, Brauer & Ross, Ltd Chicago Heights, Illinois

Norman R Stetler, McGrane, Perozzi, Stelter, Gerardi, Brauer & Ross, Ltd Chicago Heights, Illinois

David Charles Adams, Grund & Leavitt, Chicago, Illinois

Miles N. Beermann, Beermann, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Michael Ian Bender, Caesar & Bender, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Arthur M. Berman, Grund & Leavitt Chicago, Illinois

Brian J. Blitz, Berger Schatz Chicago, Illinois

Larry D. Blust, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois

Jay P. Dahlin, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP Chicago, Illinois

Donna R. Farley, Law Offices of Donna R. Farley, Chicago, Illinois

James H. Feldman, Jenner & Block Chicago, Illinois

Jay A. Frank, Aronberg Goldgehn, Chicago, Illinois

David M. Goldman, Davis Friedman, Chicago, Illinois

James T. Haddon, Birnbaun Haddon Gelfman & Arnoux LLC, Chicago, Illinois

Meighan A. Harmon, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP, Chicago, Illinois

Marc D. Janser, Pedersen & Houpt Chicago, Illinois

Jerry D. Jones, Harrison & Held, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Bridget S. Davis, Berger Schatz, Chicago, Illinois

David P. Kirsh, Berger Schatz Chicago, Illinois

Matthew A. Kirsh, Kirsh & Asasociates Chicago, Illinois

Russell D. Knight, Law Offices of Russell D. Knight Chicago, Illinois

Michael F. Koenigsberger, Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Scott P. Kramer, Griffin McCarthy & Rice LLP Chicago, Illinois

Ross S. Levey, Yavitz & Levey, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Leonard M. Malkin, Mandel, Lipton, Roseborough and Sharma, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois

Mark R. McKenna, Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. Chicago, Illinois

Robert Morse, Bell & Anderson, LLC, Chicago, IL

James B. Pritikin, Beermann, LLP, Chicago, Illinois

Curtis Bennett Ross, Law Offices of Curtis Bennett Ross, LLC Chicago, Illinois

Bradley R. Trowbridge, The Law Offices of Bradley R. Trowbridge Chicago, Illinois

Stephanie Tang, Kogut & Wilson, LLC, Chicago, IL

Jane D. Waller, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP Chicago, Illinois

Steven G. Wittenberg, Dussias Wittenberg Koenigsberger, LLP Chicago, Illinois

David B. Yavitz, Yavitz & Levey, LLP Chicago, Illinois

Errol Zavett, Davis Friedman, Chicago, Illinois

Michelle Broughton-Fountain, Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain Flossmoor, Illinois

Nancy Chausow Shafer, Chausow Shafer PC, Highland Park, Illinois

Stuart G. Gelfman, Birnbaun Haddon Gelfman & Arnoux LLC, Highland Park, Illinois

Yolanda R. Thomas, Thomas Law Group, P.C. Homewood, Illinois

Paul J. Davies, Law Offices of Paul J. Davies Inverness, Illinois

Jennifer A. Pritz, The Law Office of Jennifer A. Pritz Oak Park, Illinois

David L. Pinsel, The Law Offices of David L. Pinsel, P.C. Rolling Meadows, Illinois

2nd District (Rockford, Aurora, Peoria) ▼

Jay M. Reese, Southwest Law Clinic, Addison, Illinois

Marlene R. Halpern, Katz, Goldstein & Warren Bannockburn, Illinois

Mark D. Brent, Drendel & Jansons Law Group Batavia, Illinois

John H. Maville, Law Office of John H. Maville Belvidere, Illinois

Lois Cannell Ramon, Tobin & Ramon Belvidere, Illinois

Curtis R. Tobin, Tobin & Ramon Belvidere, Illinois

Melissa J. Cooney, Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle Crystal Lake, Illinois

Christopher S. Haaff, Law Office of Christopher Haaff Crystal Lake, Illinois

Douglas E. Lathe, Douglas E. Lathe Dixon, Illinois

Theresa Beran Kulat, Trinity Family Law Downers Grove, Illinois

John F. Early, Early, Tousey, Regan & Wlodek Elgin, Illinois

Douglas John Scheflow, Scheflow & Rydell Elgin, Illinois

Robert W. Smith, Robert W. Smith Attorney at Law Elgin, Illinois

Louis A. Nack, The Law Offices of Nack, Richardson & Nack, P.C. Elizabeth, Illinois

Joseph P. Lewand, Law Offices of Joseph P. Lewand, P.C. Elmhurst, Illinois

Stephen M. Cooper, Law Offices of Cooper Storm & Piscopo Geneva, Illinois

Michael S. Schiffman, Schiffman Family Law, LLC Hinsdale, Illinois

Christopher A. White, White Scott & White Lake Bluff, Illinois

Michael S. Strauss, Schlesinger & Strauss, LLC Libertyville, Illinois

E. Kenneth Suskin, Suskin, Menachof & Associates Inc. Libertyville, Illinois

Ronald J. Broida, Broida and Nichele, Ltd. Naperville, Illinois

Mark R. Farrow, Fay, Farrow & Associates, P.C. Naperville, Illinois

Elizabeth Mary Feely, Kazmar Feely Naperville, Illinois

Elliot Heidelberger, Sullivan Taylor & Gumina, P.C., Naperville, Illinois

Luke David Kazmar, Kazmar Feely Naperville, Illinois

Raiford Dalton Palmer, Sullivan Taylor & Gumina, P.C., Naperville, illinois

Leah D. Setzen, Grunyk Family Law Naperville, Illinois

David N. Schaffer, Schaffer Family Law, Ltd., Naperville, Illinois

James G. Ahlberg, James G. Ahlberg Attorney at Law Rochelle, Illinois

Ann M. Dittmar, Guyer & Enichen Attorneys at Law Rockford, Illinois

Laura A. Epstein, Laura A. Epstein & Associates, LLC Rockford, Illinois

Joyce O'Neill Austin, Law Offices of Shriver, O'Neill & Thompson Rockford, Illinois

Fred L. Wham, Fred L. Wham, III Rockford, Illinois

Lisa M. Nyuli, Ariano Hardy Ritt Nyutli Richmond Lytle & Goettel P.C., South Elgin, Illinois

James R. Buck, Klein, Stoddard, Buck & Lewis, LLC Sycamore, Illinois

Ronald G. Klein, Klein, Stoddard, Buck & Lewis, LLC Sycamore, Illinois

Maer I. Davis, The Law Office of Maer I. Davis Waukegan, Illinois

Kevin M. Kane, The Law Offices of Goldberg & Kane Waukegan, Illinois

Paul G. Brinkman, The Law Offices of Paul G. Brinkman Wheaton, Illinois

Thomas A. Jackson, Piccione Keeley Wheaton, Illinois

Abigail Jung, Rathje & Woodward Wheaton, Illinois

Robin R. Miller, Robin R. Miller, Attorney, P.C., Wheaton, Illinois

Kathleen R. Ryding, Huck Bouma PC Wheaton, Illinois

Thomas F. Sullivan, Law Offices of Thomas F. Sullivan Jr. Wheaton, Illinois

Michael C. Poper, Michael C. Poper Woodstock, Illinois

Michael R. Stetler, Stetler Law Group Woodstock, Illinois

3rd District (Peoria, Joliet, Kankakee) ▼

Stanley L. Tucker, Hartzell, Tucker and Hartzell Carthage, IL

Dick L. Williams, Williams Williams & Loeffel PC East Peoria, IL

Keith A. Luymes, Barash & Everett, LLC Galva, IL

H. Wayne Statham, Statham & Long, LLC Galesburg, IL

Joseph M. Cernugel, Krockey, Cernugel, Cowgill & Clark, Ltd. Joliet, IL

Michael N. Gorcowski, Michael N. Gorcowski, P.C. Joliet, IL

Hannah R. Lamore, Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC Joliet, IL

Ashley E. Bechtold, Mahoney, Silverman & Cross, LLC Joliet, IL

Roy Allan Sabuco, Sabuco, Beck, Hansen & Schrock Joliet, IL

Heidi A. Benson, Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois

Sharon L. Pulsifer, Sharon L. Pulsifer Moline, IL

Robert E. Geiger, Malmquist, Geiger & Durkee LLC Morris, IL

Christy L. Meredith, Stephens & Meredith Ottawa, IL

A. Lou Benassi, Benassi & Benassi, PC, Peoria, Illinois

James L. Hafele, Kavanagh, Scully, Sudow, White & Frederick, P.C. Peoria, IL

Michael R. Hasselberg, Hasselberg Grebe Snodgrass Urban & Wentworth, Peoria, Illinois

David M. Lynch, Lynch and Bloom, P.C. Peoria, IL

Christopher S. McCall, McCall Law Offices, P.C. Peoria, IL

Charles J. Urban, Hasselberg Grebe Snodgrass Urban & Wentworth, Peoria, Illinois

Raymond C. Williams, Hasselberg Grebe Snodgrass Urban & Wentworth Peoria, IL

William L. Breedlove, Breedlove Legal Moline, IL

Caitlin R. Breedlove, Breedlove Legal Moline, IL

Clarence M. Darrow, Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois

Paul A. Osborn, Ward, Murray, Pace & Johnson, P.C. Sterling, IL

Elizabeth J. Klahn, Ward, Murray, Pace & Johnson, P.C. Sterling, IL

4th District (Bloomington, Champaign, Decatur, Springfield) ▼

Bradley C. Giglio, Mevorah Law Offices Bloomingdale, IL

Randall B. Ehlers, Law Office of Randall B. Ehlers Bloomington, IL

Harold M. Jennings, Jennings, Smalley & Davis, P.C. Bloomington, IL

Kathleen McDonald Kraft, Thomson & Weintraub Bloomington, IL

Todd A. Roseberry, Schwulst & Roseberry, P.C. Bloomington, IL

Donald W. Wilcox, Donald W. Wilcox Jr. Bloomington, IL

William L. Hatch, Hatch Law Firm Champaign, IL

Robert E. Jacobson, Flynn, Palmer, Tague & Jacobson Champaign, IL

Scott A. Lerner, The Law Office of Scott Lerner Champaign, IL

James A. Martinkus, Erwin, Martinkus & Cole, Ltd. Champaign, IL

John T. Phipps, John T. Phipps Law Offices, P.C. Champaign, IL

Sarah B. Tinney, Erwin, Martinkus & Cole, Ltd. Champaign, IL

Glenna J. Weith, Glenna J. Weith, Attorney at Law Champaign, IL

Thomas J. Mellen, Thomas J. Mellen, II Danville, IL

Michael J. O'Brien, Michael J. O'Brien Attorney at Law Danville, IL

Julie D. Barr, Barr & Barr Decatur, IL

Kent A. Rathbun, Kent A. Rathbun, P.C. Decatur, IL

Jeffrey L. Soltermann, Bellatti, Fay, Bellatti & Beard, LLP Jacksonville, IL

Robert A. Dunst, Law Offices of Bob Dunst Mattoon, IL

Brent D. Holmes, Heller, Holmes & Associates, P.C. Mattoon, IL

J. Patrick Lee, Craig & Craig, LLC Mattoon, IL

Heath E. Uppencamp, Heller, Holmes & Associates, P.C. Mattoon, IL

Barbra Webber, Erwin, Martinkus, & Cole, LTD. Champaign IL

Thomas P. Sweeney, Thomas P. Sweeney Champaign IL

Kristin R. Solberg, Solberg & Bullock, LLC Champaign IL

Donald R. Parkinson, Parkinson Law Office Urbana IL

Lindsay Kearns, The Law Office of Weaver Kearns Bergstrom Urbana IL

Kristen H. Fischer, Fischer & Wozaniak, P.C. Urbana IL

Edward Thomas Fehr, Balbach & Fehr, P.C. Urbana IL

Andrew W.B. Bequette, Beckett Law Office P.C. Urbana IL

Samuel J. Cahnman, Samuel J Cahnman Springfield IL

Kelli E. Gordon, Feldman Wasser, Springfield, Illinois

Joshua J. Watson, Sorling Northrup Springfield IL

Don Schuering, GSC Attorneys Quincy IL

5th District (Belleville, Carbondale, Mount Vernon) ▼

John J. Johnston, Dixon & Johnston Belleville, IL

Judge Julie Katz, St. Clair County Circuit Clerk, Belleville, IL

Jeff Troutt, Troutt, Popit & Warner PC Benton, IL

Dennis L. Berkbigler, Law Office of Dennis L. Berkbigler Effingham, IL

Thomas R. Murphy Jr., Law Offices of Watson & Murphy Eldorado, IL

C. Mart Watson, Law Offices of Watson & Murphy Eldorado, IL

Mary Beth Welch Collins, Law Office of Mary Beth Welch Collins Flora, IL

Richard Kruger, Kruger, Henry & Hunter Metropolis, IL

J. Steven Ayres, Weber, Tedford, Heap & Ayers, P.C. Robinson, IL

James D. Stout, Law Offices of James D. Stout Robinson, IL

David R. Fines, David R. Fines Taylorville, IL

Jack Johnston, Burnside, Johnston, Connor & Jensen Vandalia, IL

“Across the Nation…"

US Regional  Map

Midwest ▼

Sandra M. Baner, Baner & Associates, Janesville, Wisconsin

Carl J. Becker, Pendoski, PC, Indianapolis, Indiana

William D. Bell, Wm. D. Bell, Sr. & Associates, Cincinnati, Ohio

Deedra Benthall, Deedra Benthall, Attorney at Law, Danville, Kentucky

Scott F. Bieniek, Bieniek Law, Greencastle, Indiana

Robert A. Canner, Robert A Canner, PC, Southfield, Michigan

Lisa Danielson, Lisa A. Danielson LLC, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Alan H. Freedman, Alan H. Freedman, Silver Spring, Maryland

Benjamin S. Friedman, B. Friedman Law, Cincinnati, Ohio

Stephan M. Gaus, Smith Bovill A Professional Corporation, Saginaw, Michigan

Venus V. Harry, Venus Harry, University City, Missouri

Stephen W. Hayes, Grady, Hayes & Neary, LLC, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Jeffrey P. Hicken, Hicken Scott Howard & Anderson, Anoka, Minnesota

Richard C. Holst, Holst Richard C., Wyoming, Michigan

Samuel A. Hurwitz, Accettura & Hurwitz, Farmington Hills, Michigan

Bruce D. Kennedy, Bruce Kennedy Law Office, Roseville, Minnesota

Nekima Valdez Levy-Pounds, Black Pearl, LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Robert H. Little, Law Office of Robert H. Little, Brookston, Indiana

Kathryn J. Mahoney, Kathryn J. Mahoney, Waterloo, Iowa

Lawrence E. Maus, Baudler, Baudler, Maus & Blahnik, Austin, Minnesota

Roxanne Baumer Mindeman, Roxanne Baumer Mindeman, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Jonathan R. Moothart, Moothart & Sarafa, PLC, Williamsburg, Michigan

Brian Warrick Morris, B.W. Morris, P.C., Kalamazoo, Michigan

Nelson E. Pelletier, Nelson E. Pelletier, P.C., Kalamazoo, Michigan

Aaron Joseph Racine, Monaco, Sanders, Racine, Powell & Reidy, L.C. , Leawood, Kansas

Douglas G. Sauter, Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd., Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Bill V. Seiller, Seiller Waterman LLC, Louisville, Kentucky

Christopher B. Smith, Law Firm of Smith & Smith, Milford, Michigan

Michael R. Smith, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Andrew J. Thompson, Landmark Legal Services, Indianapolis, Indiana

David A. Wallingford, Wallingford Law Offices, Bellevue, Ohio

Megan M. Weddle, Stowers & Weddle, Indianapolis, Indiana

Owen R. Williams, The Law Firm of Williams & Davis, Amery, Wisconsin

Donald B. Young, Young & Rogers Law, West Des Moines, Iowa

Northeast ▼

Martin N. Ashley, Law Office of Martin N. Ashley, Esq., Somers, New York

Mudita Chawla, Chemtob Moss & Forman, LLP, New York, New York

Jon D. McLaughlin, Jones & Associates, New York, New York

James J. Morrissey, Morrissey & Morrissey, LLP, New York, New York

Julia H. Perkins, Shaw Bransford & Roth PC, Washington, D.C.

Laurie R. Slavin, Woodstock, New York

Sara Nicole Wagner, Sara Nicole Wagner, New York, New York

J. Kevin Wright, Pikrallidas & Associates, Fairfax, Virginia

Pacific ▼

Douglas B. Baily, Ashburn Mason, Oakland, Oregon

Alfred Frank Bowen, Hillsboro, Oregon

William Clay Budigan, Budigan Law Firm, Seattle, Washington

Michelle Hsueh-Chiann Chen, Harris Ginsberg LLP, Los Angeles, California

Alex A. Clark, Coleman Chavez & Associates LLP, Roseville, California

Michael Jason Conway, Greenberg & Bass LLP, Encino, California

Yvonne Curtis, Seattle, Washington

Pokuaa Mensah Enin, Reuben, Raucher & Blum, Los Angeles, California

Janet Marie Frahm Bowermaster, San Diego, California

Virginia Hommel Gaburo, Virginia H. Gaburo & Associates, San Diego, California

Adam Rudolph Grace, Law Offices of Adam Grace, Stockton, California

Blair C. Greene, The Law Offices of Blair C. Greene, West Covina, California

Helga Kahr, Seattle, Washington

David W. La Raus, Seattle, Washington

Carl J. Lane, Carl J. Lane, Attorney at Law, Encino, California

Norma Nelly Nogueda, The Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis & Associates, Arcadia, California

Kenneth G. Petrulis, Goodson Wachtel and Petrulis, APC, Los Angeles, California

Peter Jay Porter, Law Offices of Peter J. Porter, Santa Ana, California

Barbara R. Saltzman, Santee, California

Jeffrey Paul Samuels, Jeffrey Paul Samuels, Agoura Hills, California

Daniel Thomas Woodruff, Woodruff, O''Hair, Posner & Salinger, Inc. A Law Corporation, Sacramento, California

Todd Brian Zoltan, Baldwin Park, California

Rocky Mountain ▼

Nancy Shapiro Adam, Nancy Adam, LLC, Vail, Colorado

Dennis H. Babiniec, Dennis H. Babiniec, P.C., Northglenn, Colorado

Mary E. Boetsch, Sinai, Schroeder, Mooney, Boetsch, Bradley & Pace, Reno, Nevada

William R. Fix, William R. Fix, PC, Jackson, Wyoming

Gregg A. Hubley, Brooks Hubley, LLP Las Vegas, Nevada

Alice Kay Mansfield, Alice K. Mansfield, Greenwood Village, Colorado

Zachariah Benjamin Parry, Henderson, Nevada

Barre M. Sakol, Barre M. Sakol, P.C., Boulder, Colorado

Margaret Ahern Sullivan, Law Office of Margaret Ahern Sullivan, Fort Collins, Colorado

Charles Henry Willman, Charles H. Willman, P.C., Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Southeast ▼

Solomon Curtis Osborne, Osborne Law Office, Greenwood, Mississippi

Omar D. Lopera, Law Office of Omar D. Lopera, Boca Raton, Florida

Lee Wood Borden, Alabama Family Law Center, Birmingham, Alabama

Rebecca Kay Glatzer, Major, Lindsey & Africa, Atlanta, Georgia

Howard L. Gum, Gum, Hillier & McCroskey, P.A., Asheville, North Carolina

Ladonya M. Horton, Law Offices of Ladonya M. Horton, Decatur, Georgia

Tamika B. Hrobowski-Houston, Hrobowski Law Office, P.C., Morrow, Georgia

J. L. Jordan, Atlanta, Georgia

Joshua Nathan Levy, Levy Law Offices, Raleigh, North Carolina

William J. Paris, Atlanta, Georgia

Theodore J. Rechel, Rechel & Associates, P.A., Tampa, Florida

David Solomon Schnitzer, Healthy Family Mediation Center, LLC, Naples, Florida

Manuel A. Segarra, Segarra & Associates P.A., Coral Gables, Florida

Norman A. Share, Norman A. Share Law Offices Homestead, Florida

Lori Dolores Shelby, Law Office of Lori Dolores Shelby, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Richard L. Stumm, Richard L. Stumm, Atlanta, Georgia

Southwest ▼

Anne H. Assink, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Catherine Dee Benouis, Benouis Law, Austin, Texas

Mark Cord, Mark Cord Attorney at Law, Scottsdale, Arizona

Kenneth A. Cullen, Albuquerque, New Mexico

John Friedeman, John Friedeman, P.C., Phoenix, Arizona

Christina S. Hamilton, The Cavanagh Law Firm, Phoenix, Arizona

Iva S. Hirsch, Parker Schwartz PLLC, Phoenix, Arizona

Bridget A. Humphrey, Phoenix, Arizona

Dorene Ann Kuffer, Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Christopher Haley Mathis, Karp & Weiss, Tuscon, Arizona

Lawrence William Page, Lawrence Page, P.L.L.C., Austin, Texas

Daniel Keith''Dan'' Peugh, Daniel K. Peugh, Attorney at Law, Denton, Texas

Patricia L. Simpson, Patricia L. Simpson, P.C. Farmington, New Mexico

Michael B. Suffness, Michael B. Suffness, Plano, Texas

British Columbia ▼

David H. Unterman, South Fraser Law Group, Vancouver, British Columbia

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