International Scholar in Residence

The Family Law & Policy Program periodically hosts international scholars, who lecture to law school classes on family law and children and the law, give public lectures, and do faculty workshops. Past scholars have come from the University of Padua, the second oldest university in the world (Professor Federica Giardini) and Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Professor Montserrat Gas). Spending time in residence opens our world class libraries to visiting faculty and has fostered countless professional interactions internationally. We hope that scholars spending time in the United States will reach out to Professor Robin Wilson, the director, about the possibility of spending time with the Family Law & Policy Program while they are in the United States.

The program is delighted to hosted Professor Xia Li from International Society of Family Law (ISFL) and China Society of Marriage and Family Law this September.

future & former visiting Scholars

Xia Li

Xia Li

 Professor Xia Li is a prestigious family law expert and a leading authority on adult guardianship law in China and East Asia. She serves as a member of executive council of the International Society of Family Law (ISFL) and a standing director of China Society of Marriage and Family Law.

Professor Xia Li will be visiting the College of Law this Fall.

Fedrica Giardini

Federica Giardini
Professor Federica Giardini, Dipartimento di Diritto Privato e Critica del Diritto – Scuola di Giurisprudenza, Universita degli Studi di Padova, April 2015.

Professor Giardini delivered lectures on assisted conception and children and violence.

Montserrat Gas Aixendri

Montserrat Gas Aixendri

Professor Montserrat Gas-Aixendri,  Director of the Institute of Advanced Family Studies and and the Chair IsFamily Santander, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 2014.

Professor Gas-Aixendri spoke on Vestiges of Canon Law in Family Law.