A 360-Degree vantage on the family

The Family Law & Policy Program at the University of Illinois College of Law is the place for creative and innovative thinking about challenges facing the modern family.  The public discussions hosted by the Program range from the New ART of Family and questions raised by assisted conception, to the status of polygamy, end-of-life decision making in families, and conversations on the linkages between family, work, healthcare, and poverty.  

In addition to introducing students to family law as a practice area, these explorations advance our understanding of the importance of families and the legal regulation of them. They also stimulate new scholarship in family law and children and the law by emerging scholars and international scholars and residents, as well as by the many thinkers and practitioners who participate in periodic conversations on the family, conversations with the author, and our large-scale symposia.

Policy & Innovative Thinking


Connecting lawyers & students

Engaging International & Emerging Scholars